Tar Sands Oil Recovery Process

There are two way to recover oil. One, use open pit mining and two, Situ drilling method.

Open Pit Mining

In open pit mining about 25% lie close to the surface to be mined out. Open pit mining is similar to coal mining. The task is to put the tar sands into trucks and take the material to the crusher. Oil sands are then mixed with water and sent down the pipeline to the plant. Next, bitumen will be separated from the other components. Oil sands tailings consist of water, sand, light clay and oil are pumped out of the ponds. Learn more about Linear Engines and technology.

Situ Drilling

In Situ Drilling oil sand are deeper down around 200+ feet from the surface of the earth. By drilling wells to reach the oil so deep in the earth — Situ Drilling allows oil recovery through pumping heat into the wells to warm the bitumen so it can be pumped to the surface. Steam is used in the process to drain bitumen into another well. View the video below.


Oil Extraction Technologies


But, because all prior art oil extraction technologies proposed by the oil and mining industries require massive amounts of burning hydrocarbons to make heat and consuming vast amounts of water to literally boil the oil out of the rocks and sands (while still leaving the sands contaminated with oil in massive tailing ponds) – these methods were rejected by environmentalists and government regulators (which is why the American tar sands and oil shale mining industries have been dormant for 40 years).

Oil Recovery


Universal Oil Recovery LLC is a company led by veteran oil refinery manager and chemical engineer Glenn McGinnis, who recognized the value in using modern chemical science to cleanly extract valuable bitumen resources from America’s vast and currently untapped heavy oil and tar sands resources in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, California, Louisiana and Texas oil counties.

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